Bernardo De Muro Musical Academy

The Bernardo De Muro Music Academy is a cultural association headquartered in Tempio Pausania, a town in the province of Sassari, located in the heart of Gallura, a historical and geographical sub-region of Sardinia comprising the north-eastern part of the island.

It was born in 2010 from the desire to transform the passion for music into actions aimed at protecting, enhancing, producing and disseminating it.

The “mission” of each activity focuses on the music and its varied modes of expression throughout the local, national and international territory.

From the privileged position of its marvellous land it places itself in dialogue with the territory in order to improve and enhance its cultural and artistic development – above all the music system – with an important production and distribution of concerts supporting and preserving the high artistic quality from a tourist perspective and in a networked and integrated system.

The academy is inspired by the great tenor Bernardo De Muro for whom all the multidisciplinary actions in the musical, artistic, educational, didactic and historical fields are inspired. It’s aimed at safeguarding and enhancing the figure and the artistic depth of an illustrious character in the history of the Italian and international opera, and to bring the city of Tempio Pausania into contact and dialogue with all the realities that have known and loved it.