About us

The Bernardo De Muro Music Academy is a cultural association with its registered office in Tempio Pausania, a town in the province of Sassari, located in the heart of Gallura, a historical and geographical subregion of Sardinia comprising the north-eastern part of the island.

There are several different initiatives aimed at creating a dense network of relationships and at establishing the academy in the region.

From the privileged location of its wonderful land, listening to and acknowledging the needs of the region and the ever-growing demand for culture, the Academy enters into dialogue by orienting its offer towards perspectives of excellence, in order to improve, strengthen and relaunch its touristic, cultural and artistic development role, especially the musical system, combining and harmonising the activities dedicated to high-quality musical and professional training with the activities related to the production and dissemination of important festivals and concerts distributed throughout the region.

In fact, an important part of its actions, especially in terms of the economic enhancement of culture, is aimed at musical and concert entertainment, not only in the city of Tempio Pausania, with the important lyric festival dedicated to the tenor Bernardo de Muro, but also in the rest of the region, in which, thanks to the forward-thinking competition of the various municipal and regional administrations and the professionalism of the staff of the musical academy, many important festivals have arisen and been established over time such as: Festival Fantasie Sonore in the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura, the Festival Sette not(t)e in the municipality of Arzachena, in which the land of Costa Smeralda is located, The concert season in the municipality of Olbia.

The flagship of the academy's concert production is the itinerant music festival, hence the name “In Itinere” which every year involves important artists performing on fascinating natural stages, the kind only Sardinia can offer.

In parallel with the production and dissemination of activities dedicated to live entertainment, the Academy is committed to the constant enhancement and internationalisation of the figure of the tenor Bernardo De Muro through the implementation of the actions and activities envisaged in the project financed under the FESR Sardinia 2014-2020 - Action 3.7.1 - CultureLAB2018 Call entitled “Bernardo de Muro, the voice of Gallura. Sardinian Tenor of the World. The man, the artist, the teacher."